Thursday, December 14, 2006

Need A Break!!

Am dead. Am SO dead.

The pharmacy has been choc-o-block with customers wanting to get their scripts. Those who have reached the Safety-net threshold either get it at a very cheap rate, or even free. Like any kiasu human, they are all rushing in to get more before the year ends, because they have to pay the normal price come 1st January 2007, and start all over again.

Abuthen, gormen also not stupid. Now they have a new ruling, those who needs the script filled in less than 20 days, they have to pay normal price for that. True wat, scripts usually last for a month, then why need in less than 20 days, right? So they think can get free so easily. Duh! Pee also no time. So stressed. They stand right in front of the dispensary, watching us like vultures, giving the 'Hurry-up-I-haven't-got-all-day' look.

Hence, I NEED A BREAK! A friend recommended me this site Luggage Online and guess what I found? It has 50 Travel sites you've probably never heard of before. And I found this cool cool site that gives me all the ideas of travelling with kids. Imagine, hubby driving, Aidan sleeping (hah! hopefully) and me stress free, admiring the scenery all the way to Gold Coast perhaps. Whoa! Never knew sites like these, stuffed with great infos ever existed.

OOooo.. better start planning for a fun trip!

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