Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aidan's got a prezzie from Santa

It's the last day today for playgroups and Clayton (we usually go Fridays) had a breakup party today, meaning combining the three groups from Wednesdays to Fridays together.

You can imagine the mums/dads/carers and kids all in a church hall. Each family had to bring a plate of food to share, so I brought some swissrolls, nicely arranged, decorated with mistletoe and berries to create the festive look.

There were only so many bikes, and SO MANY kids, and everyone wants to hang on to dear life and not let go. The term 'sharing' does not register on a day like this.

Aidan had his fair share, but he kept following a kid who was on it, and another followed as well. Heh, imagine you eating an abalone and two other watching you with saliva dripping down their mouths. This other boy that followed as well was rough. He gave Aidan a glare and shouted 'NO' and then pushed him onto the ground with force. Wah, my blood boil lar like this. Don't care if his mum or whoever is around, I just went up to him and scolded him.

I think he was surprised, or maybe a little shocked, only for a split second, and then gave me a blank stare as if to say 'Ya, whatever', and went on trying to get the bike off his other victim. SEI GUAI JAI!! So felt like giving him a tight slap.

Aidan of course, was crying, from being bullied to getting angry, and started screaming and hitting me. He was close to getting histerical, so I had him stand in a corner. Yes, if you've watched the Supernanny, I have my naughty corner, until he calms down. It helps me more than it helps him, I think, because after three minutes, I can handle him calmly and better, rather than getting angry myself, in many occassions.

Anyway, we had our makan time, parents flocked to the table as if there's no tomorrow, food was gone in minutes. I guess kiasu people are everywhere. I couldn't wait to get out from the place, but had to wait for Santa to give out the presents. Well, it's something we brought from home. And you think Santa exists... hahaha.

After he got his, we're out of there!

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