Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Umpteenth cup of coffee at 1.35am

I have been so excited over the AUD$10 that I have been googling for sites where I can earn more. This is getting so interesting. It really changed my whole view on blogging.

I am forever wondering how some bloggers get so many ads in their blogs, and how successful they are in generating an income as well.

Then I stumbled upon Blogsvertise. It sounds simple enough for a half brainer like me. All I need to do is write an entry or just by mentioning the advertisers' websites in my blog, where relevant. And in exchange, Blogsvertise will pay me in PayPal if my entries are approved.

Being ten to 2am now, and an overdose of caffeine, my hands are getting shaky.

Tonight, my dream may only have the alphabet S and the number 1.

$$$$$$$ .........

As I have just signed up, am still waiting for their approval.



Samm said...

There's another Creamaid still open if you are interested. Pays $6. This one i kepoh oni, did u use my email as referral when u signed up with blogsvertise?

sweetpea said...

Gee sorry coz there was the tax thingy and other SS# numbers and watnots that screwed up my brain momentarily while high on caffeine, I can't remember seeing any referral spot. So I did not lor. Bugger.