Monday, December 11, 2006

Record breaking HOT HOT HOT!!

It was a ridiculously, unbelievingly, head-throbbing hot day today.

At 35degree yesterday, it was bad enough. To be continued till today, is worse. But what tops the scale is that, instead of the predicted 37degree, it went up to a scorching 42 !!!

My head couldn't take it. The wind feels hot, and when it blows, it just gets to my eyes, my head. Heck, you'll just feel like dropping dead.

Even a trip to the shopping centre to cool down didn't help much for anyone. It's not even cool.

And the darn house feels like an oven. Don't you guys dare suggest an air-cond. We go through the same argument yearly, Mr. Kedekut just won't budge. So this year I won't even mention.

But hey, whew! Cool change at last at 3.30pm... You can't imagine how relieved we felt. Will get a good night sleep tonight.

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