Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What's with the expensive gifts??

Melbourne got hazy, and smoke gets in your eyes. And the intense smoky smell of the burning bushes does not do anyone good. All everyone here can do is hope and pray for better weather, or a good miracle downpour.

Not allowing the weather to dampen my 2-days-break spirit, mum and son went to the Carribean Gardens for a walk and decidedly spend a little money there. Carparks were full, sea of people. But I managed to find a spot in just a couple of minutes, thanks to the driver who indicated to me that he was leaving.

With nothing particular in mind to buy, we just wandered around, bribing Aidan with a Chuppa Chup so he can be good for that fifteen minutes or so. And so I managed to get a phone cover for my V3, a Thomas towel, 3-pack Thomas undies and 2 pairs of Thomas' socks for Aidan, all for $25. And also this which is about to drive me cuckoos :

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