Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Aidan is Leon the Lion!

We went to the Carribean Gardens today, again, this time with Bessie. Bought Aidan and myself a set of long sleeves T-shirt pyjamas at $6 each set. Is that cheap or what?? Saw Spidy boxer so cute, bought that too for Aidan.

Managed to buy some fruits like mangoes, nectarines and apples and some veggies too. We then went to Macca's to have something to eat. I had my usual, the Berry nice yoghurt, Bessie just a cuppa and Aidan his Happy Meal. Macca's are now advertising a new kids' menu, some animal shaped pasta with Sippah milk. They have some freebies and this is how Aidan looks like:

Now tell me he is not cute!

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