Friday, January 19, 2007

Aidan lailiu

Wilkin told me this morning before he went off to work that he brought Aidan to the park last night. On the way back Aidan said he needed to wee. As it was only a couple of minutes more going home, Wilkin told him to wait till they got home.

Aidan started squirming and kicking the sit in front, unable to take it anymore, and then ......sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh.... lai liu.....poor little thing. He tried his best to hold.

Today we went to Chaddy with Bessie, just walked around and had lunch. Am actually looking for a kids basketball net for Aidan. Saw one in ToysRUs but it was the last pack and looked opened. No syiok already so didn't buy. Have to look around more.

Today's weather kind of humid. Took out the cooler and turned it on. Phwoaa! I noticed yesterday there was a kind of smell. Looked at the manual and it said depending on the water type, there may be some kind of smell, but easily solved by putting in fragrance in the water. But this is no funny smell leh. It smelled like overnight dried up wee. And that was what I told the customer service when I called them up. She laughed and told me to bring that back for an exchange. Lucky I live down the road only... going there tomorrow.

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