Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another kilo down!

You know I have been trying to lose weight. You know I have been literally eating my veggie soup as my main diet, and literally half-starving myself.

And yes, I managed to lose a couple of kilos, which made me very happy, but left me on cloud nine most of the time. This cloud nine of mine means feeling light-headed, fragile. I give it some serious thoughts, if I want to lose weight still, I can't go on a crash diet. It's only short term goal. What I want is to have a healthy eating habit for life. It is a well-known fact that if we crash diet, we end up gaining more weight, as we are sending all the wrong signals to our body.

I looked up a blog on fitness women, and got some good tips for the long run. I'll be a saint if I tell you that I follow every word of it. But here are some tips that I did follow, or modify abit, you decide if it fits you.

On eating - Most important, isn't it? I still have my veggie soup, I find that very healthy, it's just that I am not eating enough of others. I followed some Core Food list in the site, but I ate mainly fish and white meats. And lots of fruits. Cut down on your carbohydrates and fat intake. If you must, go for low GI food like sweet potatoes instead of potatoes, and use oil spray in your cooking rather than drizzling them. This way you use minimal amount of oil.

Chewing and biting are an essential part of our attitude towards food. Try taking smaller bites and have a greater chew time. I am no expert in this, but I think it's got something to do with your brain telling you that you have eaten enough, hence feeling full.

On drinking - lots of it. Makes you feel full too, eh? You think and extra can of coke will do the trick? Nehh! Soft drinks, coffee and tea are diuretics, so make sure you drink only water. If you like flavours, try opting for flavoured mineral water, or sugar-free juices.

On exercise - Now I am not a fan, honestly. Still I managed to walk round the block a few times a week, and throwing balls at the park with Aidan helps. At home, I will do some stretchings while watching telly. I have been averagely losing one kilo every two weeks or so. Could have done faster but I still have my favourite chocolate and strawberry liquorice occasionally.

Hope this helps, if you want more info on health, diet and training plans, check out the blog on fitness women

Good luck!

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