Thursday, January 11, 2007

A taste of his own medicine

Aidan's play habit is getting worse and worse.

Bikes and car parked everywhere, puzzle pieces half done, train track with derailed Thomas, James, Toby and other unknowns, and Lego pieces decorated the floor in the living room. A very pretty sight indeed.

He was watching Winnie the Pooh on telly, and started to jump up and down when Tigger's song came on. Bare left foot landed on a piece of the Lego. He looked at me for a while, startled, before turning down the corners of his mouth which quickly changed to a wide-opened one. I of course immediately told him to come to me and 'sayang sayang' but I couldn't help laughing. He looked at me and said 'Pain'. Sayang some more. I had this wicked 'serves you right' thought, and explained to him that he has to pack up after every play.

He did help after this, but how long will it last?

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