Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ever heard of Goji?

I've never heard of Goji juice before until recently.

We are all getting more and more health conscious each day, and vitamin companies have been closing in on this chance with so many supplement lines, you can't catch up with it. From Olive to Grapeseed extracts, Noni to Xango juice, now here comes Goji Juice.

Now although I pop quite some pills, I've never bothered trying juices before. Partly because I thought it's troublesome, and also, these things are not cheap. Then a friend of mine recommended me to this mystery liquid, as I've mentioned to her about Wilkin's complaints about feeling bloated after meals, and also joint aches. She told me this is no miracle juice, has to be taken for a substantial amount of time, slowly but surely some results will show, although it may not directly 'heal'.

Now the three of us has been taking it for nearly a month now. We took it for general well-being, nothing particular I would like to heal, although it claims to help with anti-ageing from it's high dose of antioxidants. Wilkin does complain less of the aches, and so far no bloating. As for myself, I feel more energetic, and funnily enough, my hair doesn't seem so limp now. Well, Aidan, he just likes the taste. He's fussy with what he puts into his mouth, and doesn't eat fresh fruits. So for him to like drinking Goji juice is a plus for me.

This is a personal post, not an ad larr, free,free,free... I found something good and I am giving you my testimonial. Anyone who especially has older relatives that may have cholesterol or blood sugar problem, this may be a good supplement for them.

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