Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Cool Breather

You can't imagine how most of the Melburnians here were thankful and relieved for the cool change last night brought.

It has been hot and dry, somewhat humid at some hours, for the past few days. Even the mattresses were hot to sleep in. Although it wasn't comfortable, I cleaned the house. It needed a good vacuuming as we left the doors opened for many days.

There, I thought, after finishing the task. Much better. But then came the evening cool change, very happy. Have to open the doors again to let the heat out and the cool air in. What wasn't good was the gusty wind. Thanks to it, I think we're now back to square one.

Earlier this morning, we went to the park. Glad to get the fresh breeze after so many days. Aidan was uber excited. We were there for I guess about twenty minutes, when it started pouring! Geee.. if you think you can expect anything to happen, never expect Melbourne's weather to be steady. Only yesterday afternoon was about 34, then at nightfall it went down by half. Yesterday was dry like anything, today cloudy and poured suddenly, although only for a couple of minutes. Did nothing significant to our dangerously low water level.

Aidan thought it was funny. He laughed all the way back to the car, got soaked a little. Funny little man.

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