Sunday, January 07, 2007

Of Thomas, Incredibles, Winnie, Elmo, Spiderman and Ultraman

Aidan has been very fashion conscious lately.

He will want to choose his own clothes to wear for the day. Someday he wanted a sleeveless Incredible, but I said he couldn't wear that as it was cold that day. Then I had to persuade him into wearing something else, which took me a little effort. Then of course there are Thomas and Garfield, Winnie and Tigger.

He loves his Thomas, Spidy and Ultraman undies. Whenever he wears that, he'll pull down his pants occasionally to show what he's got underneath. And the one Spidy or Ultraman will be right there, ON TARGET. At the moment he does that only to us and my in-laws, which made them went hysterical. I just hope this is a phase, and won't last till school starts end of this month. Or perhaps I will have to make him wear plain coloured undies on school days.

Make-up, eyelash curler, clothes. How vain can a three year old be???!!

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