Monday, January 29, 2007

Dandenong Market on Saturday

Failed to mention one of the highlights on the weekend. We went to the Dandenong Market last Saturday and anyone who lives here and have kids, advice is, please don't go there if you are pressed for time. Aiyoh, can hardly reach the town with massive jam all towards the market. Also, don't go if the driver, in my case my hubby, has got a somewhat not too good driving etiquette, or short fused.

Got a set of Tiggers fleece PJs for Aidan. And some fruits, that's about it. I personally won't go there myself, so cramped. Caribbean Gardens is much better.

On the upside, found a pleasant surprise this morning. Went to put in a load of washing and when I closed the lid (left it open most of the time, paranoid about scums now!) guess what I found? Dear old little Quackquack that has been missing for two days! You should have seen Aidan's face when Quackquack played peekaboo with him.


mott said...

hello! hello!

u in melbourne??? I hv to be there soon..with my 3 monyet!! (2 small, 1 big) hahaahah!!

which part do u live? coz..i need to make fren leh!!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!!

btw, blog hopped via Immomsdaughter's blog (dang! her blogname damn long la!)

sweetpea said...

welukam! i know you longlong time ledi. read your blogs. when u visiting? we are near chadstone, the great shopping complex that you can't miss! let me know, i buy you minum :)