Monday, January 29, 2007

Lesson learnt from PPP

If one thing I should know and tell fellow bloggers with PPP, or probably I am the only sitiupeed one, is to click on the opportunity first, then only start to tell your story.

First time I did not do it, composed my ad, after nearly an hour, in between surfing and running here and there, then only click to take on the opportunity, only to find no more offers leh...!! Efforts down the drain. Hentam ownself lor, wat to do. Thought it was Blogitive, got 2 days to finish, take own sweet time.

Did that again only yesterday, haiyoh. so bengan. Tried my luck to refresh the page, hoping to see offer still on. Then I found same company offer, but $3 less this time. *sob sob* $3 gone in just minutes. So mates, don't be so airy head like me.


ladylike4 said...

I learned this lesson too. I now take the offer and let it sit on my computer in an open window until it is done. I then enter the information in and va voom. I have never had them disappear while the offer was sitting on my screen just waiting for an URL.

Good Advise though, wish I had read it first before someone got a free ad.


sweetpea said...

Haha, it's good to know someone shares my frustration :P

Samm said...

I used to do that too, lol. Now, pandai already. Cepat cepat "Take Opp" first, kakaka. We all learn something new everyday, lol

sweetpea said...

bcoz u told me got around 2 hours to finish mar. i thot i better draft first, buy some time. u know lar, sometimes run here, wipe there, cook here and wash there. then see see when ready to submit, 'geek see ngai'

IMMomsDaughter said...

Been there and done that :) Btw, did you noticed the dwindling opps lately? Scared me to it picks up today, when they open shop :(

sweetpea said...

u'd think they would have rectified the problem after received so many 'late' clicks. but i guess it's not their problem anyway. yes i did notice today, only one measly page! cepat cepat take up watever we can!