Sunday, January 28, 2007

My stubborn little man

Many things happened for the past two days.

First, Aidan lost his Quackquack. Not the old and senile one, but the small and young(er) one that I bought for him at Jusco in KL two years back. Sei lar, donno where. Last saw was in my bag when we went for yumchar on Friday. Maybe I should call the restaurant and ask if it's there or not.

Then he fell off his Spiderman stool and hit his chin on the corner of the table. Now a little blue-black lor. Also hor, Wilkin was with him, I was in lazing in bed, and Wilkin was angry, at himself or wat I donno. He hit the table so hard. I have half the mind of telling him off do not show all this kind of negative behaviour in front of Aidan, ESPECIALLY when he's driving. What's it with men driving? ALWAYS think others are in the wrong.

Today lagi teruk. Aidan threw a fit at Chaddy. He was just blocking everything out, not hearing a word we said, being stubborn as a mule. I had to take him to the baby room to have time out. Over wat? Over where he wanted to go and not giving in. We said no, he made a fuss and started hitting the kite we bought for him on the floor. We said no, and he did that all the more. Told him to eat up his sushi, donwan... show stubborn face. I took the kite off him and he started snorting like a buffalo and fighting back tears. By the time we reached the change room and sat him on the chair, he was wailing. Made me so mang chang!! After cooling down, told him to say sorry mummy and sorry dada, all he said was just 'Sorry'... still being stubborn. Then wanted me to carry him all the way back to the carpark. See who's got the upperhand here? Sigh... you teach me lar. I cannot smack him there also coz people will think I child abuse leh.

Afternoon he had an ice-cream. A mini stick. Not enough, pandai pandai now take a stool, climb and opened the freezer door and got himself a second serving. Where is the 'Mummy, please' that I always teach him arr??

Uhhukuuhuukkuuhhuukkkkk.......... *forehead bang table*


karen said...

"Today lagi teruk. Andrew threw a fit at Chaddy."

Who is Andrew?

sweetpea said...

haha! at 3am do forgive me for being a blurblur. who is andrew? i dunno...