Sunday, January 28, 2007

New phone without a tied-down plan

Nowadays many telecommunication companies wants to tie you down with a plan when you get a new mobile phone. On top of that if you decide to cancel the plan before you finish your 'contract' you are liable to pay surcharge.

So before you are pressured into joining yet another plan, when you can fully afford to pay it off, go shop at where you can choose your phone online, purchase for it, and that's it. No monthly bills, no deposit, zero commitment. It has valuable resources to help you find the right phone and plan, that is, if you decide to have one. With a wide range of prepaid cell phones with great deals, including carrier sites, you may have a difficult time in selecting which one to get, or even how many. Best of all, no shipping fees!

I personally do not like to be tied down with a plan as my usage is minimal. Hence it is a good idea to take my time shopping around for the phone I like at the comfort of my own home, and get it delivered to me. Hassle free.

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