Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jialat... I've Been Tagged!!

I take it as a great honour of being tagged, but 70 questions hor...... wahlau! Ok then, thanks to Samm I'm going to get meself some fun and forget about my assignments for the moment. Here goes:

1. Are your parents married or divorced?
If my dad is still alive, then they are still married.

2. Are you a vegetarian?
No, I eat anything with four legs that moves. Haha, not true, but am not fussy.

3. Do you believe in Heaven?
Donno, but definitely do not want to believe there is Hell!

4. Have you ever come close to dying?
Erm, dozed off while driving and woke up to find myself on the opposite lane with an oncoming lorry?

5. What jewellery do you wear 24/7?
At the moment, 2 pairs of silver earstuds and a pair of diamond earstuds, and a bracelet with crystals made up with Wilkin's, Aidan's and my birthstones.

6. Favourite time of day?
About now, 1.30am, no disturbances from either big or small babies.

7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Yep, mum said don't waste food.

8. Do you wear makeup?
Yep. Can't live without eyebrow pencil, others optional.

9. Ever have plastic surgery?

11. What do you wear to bed?

12. Have you ever done anything illegal?
Kinda heaps. Not gonna tell.

13. Can you roll your tongue?
Yes, my thumbs can do a-go-go too. Wanna see?

14. Do you tweeze your eyebrows?
OH YES. Otherwise look like Lam Ah Jan.

15. What kind of sneakers?
Adidas and Skechers.

16.Do you believe in Abortions?
Dpoends, case to case basis.

17. What is your Hair color?
Dark brown, lotsa greys, and yes... %$!#&!!

18. Future child’s name?
Avery, unisex. Don't ask why…just like it.

19. Do you snore?
During pregnancy, wah, I can hear myself.

20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
Hmm, tough one. I haven't been anywhere lots, so I guess it will be everywhere!

21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Only when Aidan sleeps with me in the afternoon.

22. If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
Buy bigger house. Then fly family and close friends here for visit first class, all 'bau'!

23. Gold or silver?
Gold ler, aparah.

24. Hamburger or hot dog?
Both, although very rarely.

25. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
My veggie soup. Want recipe?

26. City, beach or country?

27. What was the last thing you touched?
The toilet seat. What? You asked wat....

28. Where did you eat last?
At work 8.00pm just now.

29. When’s the last time you cried?
Can't remember, but probably over some soapy HK drama.

30. Do you read blogs?
Eh, if not, how I know I got tagged?

31. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
Us ladies no problem one. Only guys doing it get stared at. But at the moment no.

32. Ever been involved with the police?
In what sense?

33. What’s your favourite shampoo conditioner and soap?
Klorane, me no use soap. Me use shower gel.

34. Do you talk in your sleep?
No. Other half does. One cranky one in the family is enough.

35. Ocean or pool?
Pool, ocean ada jellyfish and sharks! *Shiver*

36. So, who has the original missing questions?

37. Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend?
Ooo.. interesting. Uhm, Brad badda Pitt?

38. Window seat or aisle?

39. Ever met anyone famous?
Yeah, heaps. HK stars everywhere, only they don't know me.

40. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
Yes. No second thoughts about it.

41. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

42. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?

43. Basketball or Football?
Don't like either.

44. How long do your showers last?
Depends. See if I need to do any exfoliating or not, heh. Otherwise, 3-4 minutes. Here water restriction woi.

45. Automatic or do you drive a stick?
Manual. How to drive a stick woi??!

46. Cake or ice cream?
Mmmm, both.

47. Are you self-conscious?

48. Have you ever drank so much you threw up?
Hah! Funny you'd ask. Of course! After umpteens shots of Tequila straights, wouldn't you?!

49. Have you ever given money to a beggar?

50. Have you been in love?
Many times.

51. Where do you wish you were?
Beauty salon, having a spa, then massage, manicure and pedicure.

52. Are you wearing socks?
No. Apasai?

53. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?
Yes, once when I was transferred from one hospital to another on the day I gave birth.

54. Can you tango?
No, but I prefer waltz.

55. Last gift you received?
My diamond pendant as anniversary gift. Tiny tiny ones lar, but still syiok.

56. Last sport you played?
Throwing ball at the park with Aidan?

57. Things you spend a lot of money on?
Optifast slimming bars.

58. Where do you live?
Melbourne, but Ipoh mali.

59. Where were you born?
Ipoh. All leng luis come from here :P so they say about 2 decades ago.

60. Last wedding attended?
June two years ago.

61. Spit or swallow?
See situation.

62. Favorite position?
Wat you mean? Kamasutra wise izzit? No tell no tell!

63. Most hated food(s)?
Not that I can say any.

What’s your least fav.?
What, food? see above.

65. Can you sing?
Sure can, me kelefeh at Performing Arts Ipoh, don't pray pray.

66. Last person you instant messaged?
My colleague

67. Last place you went on holiday?
Ipoh lor.

68. Favourite regular drink?
H20, coffee.

69. Current Song?
Go to my playlist on my sidebar ok?

70. Tag 3 friends:
Haha!! *Rub hands* but how I know who kena tagged liao? Anyway, me don't have many friends who blog leh. So if I name you means I always read your blog ok? Then you link link me ok?

Miche - in His time




mIcHe said...

wahlau!!! u torturing meh eh :P
but, i shall take this challenge, since 2day is saturday and am very free in the office :P

sweetpea said...

we sapot and share our love mar. ooo, so free in office eh? how nice. HAVE FUN!

dorischua said...

Sweetpea.. thks for tagging me. Eh... I'm very suaku in this ler.. can I tag 'anyone' or only M'sians ah? then hor... what if I tag someone and they don't respond or support the meme? Btw... any other way to connect with u other than just leaving comments? YOu know how to get me..

sweetpea said...

i have no idea myself. i think u can tag anyone, it's just that i don't know anyone well in the blogger world until only recently. usually, u tag your friends, and they will definitely respond to it. it's fun! geez, how do i get u? i have yahoo msn..nick sweetpea_my

dorischua said...

ok! Thanks. Keep in touch!

Samm said...

I give HIGH 5 for question #59. YESS!!!! Next time come back, chia u yumcha ahhhh. HUGS!!!!

sweetpea said...

haha. that was OUR time, so we are the authentic lengluis horr.