Friday, January 26, 2007

Aidan says

One, two, twee, four, fai, sex, seben, eight, nine, ten, awaben, oh yes, twelb, thirteen, hoteen, hoteen, hoteen, hoteen, hoteen, hoteen, NINETEEN!

Why he doesn't end with twenty beats the sh%# out of me.

Current favourite movie : Heffalump Halloween rented from Blockbuster. Anyone who wants to send him one is most welcomed ;P
Newly learnt song : Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci muka, pakai baju. Makan roti, minum kopi, saya suka, hati. Of course not perfect bahasa lar, but he loves the cuci muka action.
New toy: Superman figurine from Dada.
Wishlist : Superman costume
Loves : Buckling himself up when in the carseat. Of course we have to make sure it's secured.
Also loves his daily dose of Himalayan Goji Juice, Scotts Emulsion and Yakult.


Samm said...

Mine also says his 123s lidat. Gordon's into mickey mouse. So, ths CNY will be a mickey year for him. Deck him from heat to toe in Mickey gear, lol.

Samm said...

And also, hoh.... iforgot to tell you. YOU'RE TAGGED!!!!!

dorischua said...

Hi Sweetpea... jus wondering how come u r in Mel? U migrated? Sorry lah, can't read anywhere about you. Just like to know u better.

sweetpea said...

samm - aidan chases anyone he sees in a superman suit! i wanted to get him one, guess it's very popular. i can only find batman. neh! dull colour. gee... thanks lar, where on earth i find time to answer so many questions hor. *roll eyes*

doris - sorry accidentally deleted the other comment about swimming :P i know how u feel. i don't bring aidan to the public pool in ipoh either. about me being here, LOOONNNGGG story. but to cut it short, got married, hubby's family migrated from HK when he was 12. so here we are! it's really good here, for kids especially, although i do get lonely sometimes, friends and all.