Friday, January 26, 2007

My own snazzy pink flash drive

We are high-tech people living in a high-tech world.

Taking your work, music, photos, videos, recipes, minus the load and paper work is no longer impossible. offers you fashionable flash drives that are ultra-small and portable, convenient, high speed, very cute with durable aluminium design, and most importantly, personal. With fourteen colours to choose from, you can now colour code your work for easier access to your files! Black for work, blue for music, green for photos, or yummilicious pink for private, intimate diary. These Store-It Thumb Drives comes with security software that password protect your information. With four capacities to choose from, at very tempting prices, you are guaranteed there will be no shortage of space. The specials for thumb drives are currently at $14.99 for 512MB, $18.99 for 1GB, $37.99 for 2GB, and $69.99 for 4GB.

You may find at your local shop a normal, or should I say dull, looking flash drive may cost you around $40 just for 1GB. Aren't you stoked now knowing you can get double the capacity for the same price? And the goodies doesn't end here. With every flash drive that you order now, you can get free personalized laser engraving on it. I am going to get myself a pink one. Yes, you can order just one to start with, and still get the great offers at no setup charge. Ooo, snazzy pink, oh yes! Might just get a green one for Wilkin. Good feng shui colour.

Cool present for all occasions for the computer savvy. Think Valentine's Day now...

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