Thursday, January 25, 2007

Secure a spot at Fuelmyblog

This is not a paid post, I can read your mind!

I have been getting more new friends on the blog, thanks to a few sites I joined, reading other bloggers' pages and they mine.

Fuelmyblog is designed by blogger Kevin D. for him to easily find blogs on any topic, and he has created the 'Great Wall of Blogs.' There you can find bloggers from all over the world, with various topics. Get your blog on as well, it's free to join. The front page is almost full (625 spots) but you can join under categories like General and Life. Check out the big blue button on my sidebar and click on the link. Not that the extra traffic to your blog is going to hurt, is it?

And if you are interested in getting $200 dollars paid into your pay pal account, simply join like me, spread the word, like what I am doing, and I'll have you know that there will be a weekly radio show, for your chance to talk about your blog, live! You'll be given a week to write something interesting on your blog, and if yours is what they are looking for, you win the cash, bask in the lights of 'Blog of the day' spot for two days and get to be one of the first interviews on the radio.


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