Friday, January 12, 2007

Flat out

Didn't think I would have worked last night. My colleague asked me what I'll be doing on Friday since I took the night off. I said no special occasion, it's just that Wilkin has to go to Sydney for work and I've got to take care of Aidan. So she offered if I would like to take up her shift on Thursday night, and she can have a break from four nights straight. I thought why not, so I won't have to miss out a night's pay.

Went to Sharon's place in the afternoon. Aidan had so much fun there at the backyard. Her kids has heaps of toys. The weather was lovely too. Spent a couple of hours there. She has two units of evaporative coolers, and I thought it's a great idea. I've got to get one! It's going to be high h*ll hot next week.

By the time I was ready for work, Aidan fell asleep on the couch. Hope it won't affect his sleep at night. Heh, not my problem, right? *keekeekee*

And guess what? I fell asleep during my break. I never do that, but I did, while trying to sort out a Sudoku game. The Red Bull obviously didn't help me get the wings I needed. All this excitement of clicking away on the keyboard and reviewing articles has finally taken its toll on me. Still, here I am clicking away, maybe won't go to bed till 2am, or later.

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