Friday, January 12, 2007

More pics from Malaysia trip Oct. 2006

Just received a cd from Pamela in Hong Kong. These are the photos taken from her camera. Of course there are whole heaps of them, but only selected a good few to share. About time too! Took her so long, hmph. But thanks Pamela, for the presents for Aidan. All Thomas sets again. He'll be a spoilt brat. As it is, he's a quarter now.

We went to TiLi's place today. Haven't seen her since September. Misty is a huge dog now, and Aidan was just so afraid of her. But when Misty was distracted with chasing bubbles, her favourite past time, apart from chasing the birds too, Aidan was more relaxed. We had a great time catching up. With Aidan not having to take his arvo nap, time is more flexible now and I don't have to rush home.

Macca's for dinner. Wilkin is in Sydney today and I will have the bed all to myself tonight. Yeay!!

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