Friday, January 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Bubba Stuff

Today is Bubba Stuff' first birthday.

Time flies and I have been entering our lives story for a year already. Didn't know how to fiddle with the blog template then, STILL don't know now... hubby IT professional konon, but don't think he even know half the things I am writing here, let alone help me with it. Like this good also, cakap busuk pasai dia pun taktau... hehehe.

Birthday or not, gotta mop the floor now. Weather VERY humid, floor very sticky. Condition is cool, but Aidan's hair ALL wet..



IMMomsDaughter said...

Haapy Birthday to your blog :) Keep up the good work

sweetpea said...

Thanx, and yes, hope to do better.

Shannon said...

happy birthday to bubba stuff oooo
1 year old liao oni i start reading... hehehe (better late than never, right?)

Peng said...

time flies 1 year oredi.

sweetpea said...

shannon - thx and ya, better late than never. u nvr read bcoz i nvr knew so many mummy bloggers out there till last month! i never bothered surfing coz blog initially meant more of daily info for family and friends. now i know hundreds of 'ga gi nang'!!

peng - really flies. i'll be back again in ipoh b4 u know it :P