Tuesday, January 09, 2007

In the mood to spend some hard-earned cash

I have been very slack lately. Maybe it's because I don't have to get up early for Aidan's programmes. But that will very soon change at the end of month. Then I will have to get up very early four times during the weekdays. Not looking forward to it.

Then again, I don't feel good waking up too late as well. Late means 9.30am. I feel even more tired and lazy. Also maybe I have been sleeping very late lor, or in this case, VERY early. Like 3.00am??

What have I been doing arrr?? Patience lerr..

Lately my fingers have been going on a typing rampage. I've discovered a few sites where I can expand my rants and offer my opinions, or just plain busybody. Best of all, some of these sites pays. It is very hard work actually, there are some strict rules to follow, but for the love of blogging and getting connected with other writers who are experts in a variety of fields, this is priceless.

Anyway, since I don't have to go to work today, I thought I would enjoy the day out at Chaddy with Aidan, already making up my mind to swipe some cards :P We haven't been there since the new year, mainly because of the sales (no thanks with the crowds) and also Aidan has been misbehaving lately. Today he was good. Also I feel the extra TLC for him as he fell down from our bed, again, this time his head was sore red. Lucky thing his hair covered it.

All cheapies, but very happy. He chose a sticker book on The Incredibles, and I got him a voice interacted book on learning about numbers. I am so glad I got him this, because he actually learned to count. The owl will ask, how many apples are there on the tree? I counted with him and told him to punch in the number. He was very very fascinated, but most of the time he wanted to count the turtles over and over again, which of course, is not possible.

Update, Aidan added a few songs to sing too. Where is thumbkin? and Itsy Bitsy Spider. All mumble jumble still, but managed a few clear words. He's so funny.

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