Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Keeping up to date with my favourite soaps

Not the kind you wash yourself with. The soap operas that is!

There are a few soaps running at the moment here in Melbourne, namely Bold and Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and Young and Restless. Now being a one-foot-kick (multitasker) I don't have the luxury to be a potato couch to watch everything I desire. Sometimes I can catch the Days of our Lives as it is shown in the afternoon. But what I like watching is the Bold and Beautiful. Darn Ridge and Brooke, how many times already did they get married to each other. However, I seldom get the chance now to do so, being at work or something else. is the Soap Opera website that lets me in the latest and juiciest details of the show and many more. A fairly new site which is less than a year, it has managed to get the most in depth daily updates and interesting interviews with the soap stars. Well, if I can't watch my fave soap, at least I can keep myself updated with the spoilers.

And psst, I've seen Ron Moss in person at Southland a couple of years back. Good looking, but not my type :P

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