Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wotsup Valentine?

Valentine's day is just two weeks away.

Somehow it feels like an obligation to celebrate the day now, rather than enjoying it. Years ago, donno wat to get for a guy. Twenty three years down the road, STILL donno wat to get for a guy. Worse still, one of the high school years, I had to get TWO presents. One for so-called boyfriend, and one for a guy who thought I was his so-called girlfriend. Complicated kan? Blame it on me lor, for having one leg in two ships. Kakakkakaa!

Today, I guess the guys are more pressured. They may dread the day, and girls shiver with anticipation. What to get for the girls? If cheap, no like and instead of a kiss he may have to deal with sulks for the rest of the night. Teddy bears, 'you-think-i-am-small-girl-some-more', or even the most standard flowers, depending on the type of girlfriend, she may say you are wasting money. What to do? Cannot please them all.

Being a woman, I still love the element of surprise (which is not much lar). I do love getting flowers, but on this particular day, I personally do not mind NOT receiving them, for the price is cut-throat high. With the same amount of money, I prefer a keepsake, maybe a nice little pair of ear-studs, or a manicure or massage session. Can pamper myself. For last year, Wilkin's imagination must have got wild, for he got me a very sexy see-through night gown, with a barely there tiny triangle G-string. What happened to it? Washed, kept away and never worn. Then so darn 'meaty' where got the guts to wear it?! Sorry ler. But this year, I am toying with the idea of to wear, or not to wear. Not nice lar, right? Present received from hubby, but he never got to see it, on me that is. Still not comfortable with the idea, but see how lor, maybe have a few drinks, then make him promise not to switch on any lights.

I've already arrange something for him this year, but can't tell here, yet. He might read it. As for myself, I really do not mind much, card and chocolate is fine, just so long IT'S NOT ANY WHITEGOODS FOR THE HOUSE!! I totally cracked it one year when I received a grill for my birthday, but that is another story.

So ladies, what are you expecting this year?

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