Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Obituary shock

I was at work last night and I casually mentioned to Jenny, our pharmacist in charge for the night, that a customer of ours is in the hospital. She came to my side and quietly told me that THAT customer passed away last week.

It was a shock to me. True, I didn't like sending her weekly medication to her house, just because my boss took us (anyone who drives) for granted. She was a sweet old lady, but talks a lot. Maybe it was because she lived alone. And she always paid anyone who sent her medication a dollar or two. Last week, the pharmacist on Wednesday said to me that I didn't have to send it as Mrs. Eastwood was admitted to the hospital. That was the second time. I told her that while I was glad I didn't have to drive out, I wasn't happy to hear the news. Just the week before she was up and about, looked all healthy to me. Chatted for about five minutes with me, gave me two bucks, a packet of biscuits, and a couple of magazines. With Mrs. Eastwood there was no point refusing her offers.

Jenny said that she got to know about it when she read an obituary in a local paper, by the hospital staff. No phone call to the pharmacy from relatives informing us to cease providing medication. How very sad. But I guess it was sort of good too, for someone to leave just like that *snap*. She probably didn't have to suffer much, just like my dad.

So rest in peace, Mrs. Eastwood, may you be with the angels.

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