Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Superman and his swimming trunks

It was another hot day today so I brought Aidan to Southland for a stroll. With no particular target in mind to swipe my card, we strolled into Kmart. At the entrance there was a huge poster of Superman.

Until now most of the Superman figures Aidan saw was cartoons and what he has on the front of his little undies. This life-size poster was of Brandon Routh, saving the world in a red underwear, probably lycra, worn outside. Aidan started asking himself "Who this, who this? Superman swimming!" I reckon you can guess the look on my face and the face of the lady who greeted the customers at the entrance. He was so funny! Kids just do have different ways of thinking. Nothing complex, every word honest. Sometimes too honest, enough to embarass their parents. I have yet to get there...

We had sushi handrolls for lunch, and got something easy to make for dinner at Coles. On the way home, I popped by the blinds shop to choose the colour, hopefully to get everything fixed by next Thursday.

Tried out the evaporative cooler today. It was cool enough at close range, but with all our doors and windows closed, the air started to get a little sticky. See, it works best with good ventilation, and we can't afford to leave our windows opened. It was just too hot. So I guess we can only use it on mild hot day, or at night.

That's all for now, am gonna get meself an ice-cream.

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