Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Peeved with inconsiderate parent

I was at Chaddy with Aidan to get some groceries. When we were done, I pushed the trolley, with Aidan in it, to the two dollar Batman ride. He wanted to have a go on it earlier, but I said to wait till we finished shopping. As he complied, I decided to reward him.

Just when I was reaching it, say, about five feet away, this four year old came charging in and climbed on board. Fine, I thought. He's just a kid. I'll let him have a go at it even if he didn't have the money. Don't we all parents do that? Letting our kids get on the rides without paying for it every time. If we do, it will need a category in our monthtly household spendings.

So, in strolled his mother, pushing a pram on one hand, her younger son fast asleep, and talking on the mobile on the other. Dum di dum, humm hmm.... we waited. One minute went by. Dum di dum dum.... still waited. Probably another quarter of a minute passed by. She finished her call. And THEN she took out a coin for her son, letting him have a go. We were totally invisible to her! She never bothered to acknowledge we were there waiting while she was blardy yakking away. I was at simmering point and did well at keeping my cool. How inconsiderate can that be? If Aidan was having fun on one of those things and someone else came along, I would have told him to let the other kid have his turn.

%$!%&$!!!! So while her son enjoyed his ride, she continued yakking to another phone call. And we waited. Lucky for her he climbed off when it finished. If he made a scene and she whipped out another coin, wa ga lu kong, I will bloomin' tell her off! Selfish biatch!

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