Monday, January 15, 2007

Remember my washing machine?

Yesterday I have been running two full loads of hot hot water, once with some stuff I spray on the sides, and next with bleach. Tried to scrape off as much scums I can. OOrgghh!! It's really disgusting. Somewhere in the internet it says if I get a whiff of those spores, I can be dangerously ill.

Seriously, who would have thought you need to wash your washing machine? So here are some tips I just found out.

If you usually wash your clothes in normal temperature, there will be build ups of lime scales and grimes over time. My problem was exactly just that, plus the all time usage of fabric softeners. So it is very important that I have to give your washing machine some TLC once a month at least. Fill it with hot water and some vinegar and lemon juice, or I think there are more tips on the below site.

Tips of how to clean it at Cleaning Your Washing Machine I would have taken a before pic for you to see, but I am afraid it might affect your appetite. I cannot imagine we have bee wearing clothes washed in grimes! After finding this out, my laundry is still piling up, and I am still in the process of ultra-cleaning it. I won't put our clothes in there till it's in tip-top condition. If this does not happen yet, what to do, have to bring to laundromat lor!

What d'ya know? You learn something new every day!!

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