Monday, January 15, 2007

Aidan rubbing his 'chuchu'

I noticed that Aidan likes to hold on to his pants, right in the middle, very frequently of late. Initially, I have no concern as I know he is more aware of his own body at this age.

After a few weeks of doing so, I was beginning to think if there is a problem? Maybe he's feeling itchy? Or somewhat uncomfortable? He doesn't scratch, neither does he complain about any pain. I was comtemplating on whether to bring him to the doctor, only to be told there's nothing to worry about. I have also confided in a few friends, who have sons of their own, and it is the same thing, that he will soon grow out of it.

I lay the subject to rest and decidedly put the disturbing feeling to the back of my mind. But yesterday, I saw him quietly playing with it again. Now I will try to be as specific as possible, without sounding offensive. Just many months back, I can hardly pull the foreskin back to give it a good wash. But what I just witnessed, was that he got the it pulled all the way back, and fingers rubbing at the tip.

Now I am still learning the steps on how to deal with his tantrums, but this is totally new to me! Can anyone advice me on this subject, or tell me if it's harmful in doing so? I am just worried about his unwashed little fingers and the germs that may get to it, risking an infection. I can't keep watch on him every minute!


IMMomsDaughter said...

My Ryan had done that at one time and I posted about it asking for advice too. So far, *keeping my fingers crossed* he has grown out of it. Perhaps you can talk to him but hopes it's just a phase.

sweetpea said...

yes i do hope so. i'm only more worried about the fact that he's got his dirty fingers on it rather than the act itself. although i wash his hands often, i can't keep track of where it has been :P thanks for the comfort.