Monday, January 15, 2007

Affordable digital FSI Language Courses

Ever wondered how much a digital language course will cost you? Just try surfing any sites and you may come up with costs that starts with hundreds of dollars. I'll give you an example. Try going to this site and you may find yourself looking at the minimum of three figures, and up to a whopping $1000 !!

Now offers you the same online foreign language learning courses, at a fraction of the cost. There are four courses to choose from:

FSI German Basic (Bach, Beethoven, Einstein. Need I say more?)
FSI French Basic (the love language - this is my favourite)
FSI Cantonese Basic (learn the art of bargaining for your shoppings while on holiday!)
FSI Programmatic Spanish 1 (you may like to sing to Enrique Iglesias' songs after this)

All these for only USD$29.99 each. You'll get an instant download and audio as MP3 which provides you with many hours of learning material for total language immersion. You will also get a bonus flash card software for vocabulary learning, and that's free! Imagine getting the whole course for less than your average branded T-shirt, and start you talking like a pro. Think of it as widening your horizon, knowledge and entertaiment as well. Watch that favourite movie, sing that beautiful song while understanding what it's all about.

Doesn't it mean much more?

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