Saturday, January 13, 2007

Why can't men just listen and do it?

Tissue in pants again.

WTF??! How many times do I have to repeat myself? He even had the cheek to reply 'You could've checked the pockets.' Hello! As if I have nothing better to do? Out goes the clothes and I had to shake them piece by piece, till I got really 'geram'. Uuurrgghhh! It really irks me to think he never really made an effort to make my housework easier.

While I am still on the washing issue, I noticed a kind of odour emitting from the washing machine lately. Well, not exactly lately, say, about four to five months back now? I have been cleaning and disinfecting it but the smell still lingers. I know, funny isn't it, to clean a washing machine. You'd think with all the soap detergents and Dettol rinse it can't get any dirtier.

So earlier in the evening today I decided to look for the root of the problem, once and for all. I dismantled the top of the machine (I think Wilkin was a little surprised to see me doing a 'man's job) and thought maybe if I just cleaned a little of the insides and the rims, it might be okay. Well, you can imagine the shock I had when I peeked inside. To say it was utterly disgusting was an understatement. There are hardened scums all around the outer drum, and the insides of the 'suspension' plastic tub. I hope you get what I mean.

I scraped some off, which I later regretted, as the scums fell in between the drum and the tub. I just hope it can be washed out later. So what do I do about it now? CAN ANYONE HELP ME??! Any kind of solution that can melt away those ugly things? I toyed with the idea of upside-downing the machine and de-bone the drum, but not too confident yet.

The one main reason I can think of, for this to have happened over time, is the prolonged usage of fabric softeners. I can actually see the residue at the outlet that is used to pour the liquid in. But right now I want solutions, PRONTO!

Anybody out there?


Samm said...

aigh.... mine now is trained to clear his pockets of stuffs b4 throwing them into the laundry. Like i'm gonna go through each and every piece of clothes b4 i stick them into the washer, hoh.

ladylike4 said...

It isn't just men. That have this problem. I hate to admit it, but I do too. My husband is the laundry man and the clean one in the house, so this isn't just a woman's problem in some cases. I wish I would help more, but I just never seem too. When I do...he complains I don't do it like he does...It is a no winner situation.

sweetpea said...

samm - train u say. i think i need to send him to boot camp for that, plus putting things back where they belong, and not use every door handle as hangers too.

ladylike4 - u lucky thing! but i guess he's right there, he, my hubby, doesn't do it like i do, maybe that's why he stopped helping :( no win! how unfair..