Saturday, January 20, 2007

She's no mother

I love this woman, Angelina Jolie. She acts, she fights, does her own stunts, and she flies a plane. Love her guts.

Then I read about how she feels for her own daughter. Then I ptui-ptui-ptui! For those who didn't catch on the story, she has two adopted children, right? Maddox 5, from Cambodia and Zahara 2, Ethiopia. Then she gave birth to her daughter Shiloh, now 7 months old.

She said she feel more for her adopted children because they are survivors wor. And Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born, she has less inclination to feel for her. WTF???!!!!! Wei, her own daughter. Sure, she can feel for less fortunate kids around the world, she is, afterall, a selfless humanitarian and UN Goodwill Ambasaddor, ex. But to say her own flesh and blood is a 'blob' and have to make sure she doesn't ignore the baby's needs, sounded forced and a reluctant responsibility to me, rather than love.

So what do the child do? Fly herself to a third world country, starve herself, rub soot all over herself, no showers, look dirty, let flies crawl all over, make herself really malnourished and pitiful and sick, so dear mother AJ will take her back and shower her with love? SIAO eh!! This woman's brain is somewhat fried. The baby is innocent, she is born with privileges just because the mother perceive it to be. Shiloh doesn't have a say at that. If she can speak for herself, why mother, can't you love me the same? Then I am not privileged, for expensive toys and clothes are not what I want, but I do not get your love.

Make my blood boil only. Eh, all this I read in gossip magazine, if not true, then of course good lar. Otherwise, she is not fit to be a humanitarian, let alone mother. Or vice versa, whichever way..

humanitarian - having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.

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