Monday, January 22, 2007

Term One starts?

I have no idea if Term One has already started or not.

So I had to get up early this morning and tried calling the school office at 8.30am, and again 20 minutes later. No reply. No school then? Am guessing this week, but Australia Day is Friday, it may just be appropriate then to start next week.

Since I am awake, we might as well be up and going around town. Took Aidan to The Glen, walked around. I let him had a go at the Thomas train ride. He was excited. The moment he got on, he looked at me with eyes that said "I need a coin, Ahmee." Cheeky bub.

I got into bed with him in the afternoon, had a good one hour nap. Sheesshh... I SO need sleep but I need to do some research for some articles I am writing, or rather, trying to write. It just dawned on me that writing isn't as easy as how you think it is. Blogging is one thing, I can write crap for all I want, but this is really different. Anyway, hope to get some experience through this.

Gotta go.....getting delirious.

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