Thursday, January 04, 2007

What's it gonna be?

See lar! Non stop digging into my make-up drawer still. Like my 'eyewesh curwa' so much.

He's becoming more and more of a little minchkin monster. Toys strewn across the living room floor. Recently he has been given a set of basic Lego. I immediately thought of Brad Pitt when he said in a magazine, that it's really painful if you try to walk barefoot in the middle of the night and you stepped on a piece of Lego. Boy, was he right.



Jody said...

We have 3 boys, and Legos are scattered ALL OVER the house!

And yes, they kill when you step on them!

sweetpea said...

Sigh Jody, u'd think where our baby(ies) have gone to? Wanted him so much to talk and walk, now I had to shout 'Sit down and keep quiet!' And this will go on for another 15 years, IF I am lucky!