Thursday, January 04, 2007

Rubber Ducky, you're the one!

Thought it will be a really hot day today as it was forecasted as 35 degree. I was thinking, 'Sei lor, yesterday I had a headache because of it, today I'll get a migraine.'

So in the afternoon, brought Aidan for yumchar, just because we can sit comfortably at an air-conditioned place, and also to takeaway food for tonight. I don't feel like cooking. Then we went to a stretch of shops, where I bought him a bag of rubber toy giraffe, elephant, dog and cat. Got some watermelon for tonight to cool down.

Afternoon came and went, we lay in bed for Aidan's arvo nap, but he wasn't sleeping. I think he is at this stage where he's going to wean off his nap. But I have to keep him active till at least 8.30pm as he will nod off sitting on the sofa at about 5.30pm. Anyway, since it was hot, but fine compared to yesterday, I filled the tub with about 3 inches of water (remember water restriction!) and dunk his toys in there, and he had a good time.

Then I thought, might as well right? So I jumped in the tub with him! (Hang on, hey, I had my bathers on, ok!) Heh, we had fun singing songs, spraying water at each other with his water gun (duh, literally can) until our fingers became dried prunes. It's so wonderful, from good time, we had a great time. It's better than going to the pool as this way, I can actually interact and bond with him one to one. There is no explanation as to how I feel to hear him laughed so heartily.

He was a little scared when I pulled the plug. Funny to see him hanging on to me, asking me to pick him up quick, as he didn't want the 'monster' which was *growling* down at the pipe to suck him in as well. Haha!

Oh, update. Had my Implanon replaced last week. So anyone asking when we are going to have our next one, you got our answer.

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