Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New year, same old job.

It's the third day of the new year. Christmas gone, New Year gone. Now what? Australia Day next. Sad to say, most of the public holidays this year does not favour me. Most of them falls on the day I work, meaning, I still have to slave along with no extra pay.

Aidan has been very adamant and stubborn lately. Whenever he sees something that is of interest to him, especially at the malls, he'll stay put. The two-dollar rides are his favourites. Now, not that I don't let him get on it, but I do not want to make it a habit that he gets one everytime he wants one. Like that die lor, easily four to six bucks every other day.

As his comprehension level is low compared to other children, I can't reason with him. He's at this 'ME ME ME' stage where he wants what he wants. I hope this doesn't go on forever, or I might just need the happy pill to keep my calm.

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