Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brain juice milked dry

Spain, golf courses, roman ruins, thermal spa baths,'s all swimming in my head.

In case you are wondering if I am going to go on a holiday to Sepanyol, neh! I am totally mentally exhausted, brains wrung up and tied in thousands of knots. Achy shoulders, lost of sleeps, neglecting my son, not cleaning up for CNY, dead duck.

I am finishing up my project on articles for Spain attractions. Deadline 15th Canada time, so goodness-knows-when that is over here. YYAAWWWNNNNN !!! Althought it's still early (2am now) I cannot go on for another nano second facing Microsoft Word and Google Search anymore. My concentration is drained, so is my energy. Yyaawwnn! See, I am trying my luck in freelance writing, so far so good, but totally time consuming. Well, depending on the workload and deadline, that is. I totally underestimated the time frame, forgetting I have to be a homemaker as well as a working employee. It's really difficult to juggle up a balance. Not to mention the 'big sweep' that needed done before this Sunday! And also waking up early to send Aidan to pre-school also not helping me with my sleep!

To those in journalism, I tabik u.

Wilkin's away in Sydney since yesterday morning and won't be back till tonight, after I leave for work. So,yeah.... Happy Valentine's y'all..... exciting huh? Duh...

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