Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

I suppose everyday is Valentine's day for any couple in love. It's just that we don't get the special treatment all the time. But today is extra special.

Wilkin is in Sydney and I'll be working tonight, so we don't get to celebrate this year's Valentine's Day. I got him a Foxtel subscription (cable TV or something equivalent). But he won't know it until he gets home later tonight. It's not installed yet, but I've written down in a card. I sms-ed him this morning wishing him Happy Valentine's Day and he immediately called back. He asked what I'll be doing today and I said not much, not going out. I guess he wanted to know if I'll be home, because he got someone to send roses to the house. I received a dozen of beautiful red roses! Well, needless to say, I feel all mushy mushy for the whole day :)

I've had my fair share of receiving floweres but the best yet was years ago when I received 12 dozens of mixed coloured roses from a guy when he went to Cameron Highlands for work. I was shocked but very pretty pleased. Mum was more shocked but she wasn't complaining as she got to put some of them on her Kuan Yin's altar.

Personally, I love white roses, but it won't feel like Valentine's would it? So there, another lover's day gone by, all boutiques happy, all flowers receivers happy, and guys, keep up the good work!

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