Thursday, February 15, 2007

Aidan's 3 1/2 years old assessment

We went to the Maternal Child Health centre and got Aidan 'checked out'.

He now weighs 17.5kg, is 105cm tall, meaning he's over 90 percentile in growth, which is great. He passed the eye test with flying colours. The nurse will hold an alphabet or a picture from a distance and Aidan was asked to point out what he saw. Something like a matching game.

The bad news is, though, is his apparent lack of attention. He doesn't respond to the nurse or me when we called his name, as he was engrossed with the wooden block he was playing with. Selective hearing lar, like his Dada. I told the nurse I thought of taking him to a developmental paed. at the end of the term, just so to see if he improves with little mates over these few weeks, but she suggested that I should take him there as soon as possible. The earliest intervention in any delays is better than waiting.

So I guess I have to book in soon. Honestly, I am eager to know what she has to say too. Sigh...


mott said... boy is also like that. But I find that unless you look him in the eye, it's really hard to get their attention, when they are focusing on something!

Is it really an apparent lack of attention according to what we think he should focus on?

Who knows? Anyway, does it cost money to see a paed or is it covered by medicare? hahahahaha just checking!

sweetpea said...

u wish! i think it's partly covered, but there is still out of pocket about $50 or $60? not sure. anyway, let's see from the paed's point of view and at least i can give myself a peace of mind.