Thursday, February 15, 2007

Those convenient, time and life-saving cards!!

Believe you me, I saved almost $100 on cards just for Chinese New Year alone. $2 for each card and $1.20 for postage, not including my time and petrol going to the post office. And for Valentine's Day, Wilkin get to receive this lurvy-dovey greetings from me first thing in the morning, as he was away in Sydney for work. He got to hear Cupid's best pickup lines which I bet made him laughed. has got loads of free funny eCards for all occasions. Being me, I love funny ones. With a free 30-day trial membership to send unlimited eCards, NO ONE in the right mind will want to miss that! It's only $13.99 per year if you decide to join. Sending cards on specific dates with personalized message has never been easier and more affordable.

Look at this sexy one for a birthday humour

or just plain hilarious for any good friends.

Whatever the card is, it's bound to satisfy your needs (and wallet) and make someone happy!

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