Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dolls not just for girls!

When one mention dress up games for dolls, our minds will usually fly to the paper dolls image or Barbie. And mainly for girls.

But in the present electrical web era of today, Dress Up Games is so much more than that! Everyone who owns at least an email account will have their own image or identity to relate to. The website is a great place for everyone to create their very own avatars which can be used in forums, chats or competitions. With more than 2 million DollPeople online, we know that every mother, father, son or daughter has their own personalized avatar. This is not about games for girls only anymore.

Inspiring to be a dollmaker? Try out their fashion games. From princesses and angels to guys and gothics, the list is endless. Or make one according to the season of summer or winter, or holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Or perhaps, something sweet for Valentine's Day with their I Love You cartoon dolls. Great way to send a lovely message. Plus you can join in their chatrooms, forums, games and contests.

I am sure if I email this site to my grand niece Kay, she'll love me for it as she is just so into princesses and angels. See what I mean? These dolls are just so pretty!

And it's easy to make a personalized avatar as your IM icon as there are provided HTML codes for it. Makes me feel I am back in my school days. I think I am going to be a doll maker right now. Join me there and see who makes the prettiest of them all!

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laundryamah said...

howdy..first time dropping by. enjoy reading your blog, and also the fact that u r in Melb...hmmm feel close leow! i studied in melb before n hv a lot of frens & relatives there ma...

sweetpea said...

hi, hmm.. i think if we call for a gathering here, also it won't be a small group! considering a LOT of m'sians around :)