Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of prawns, a little freedom and all burned out.

Just when I have a little extra time to do some postings yesterday, PPP cannot login pulak! Maintenance downtime or capacity problems konon. Cheh! Thought I can make a little money back for the 1kg prawns I bought. Felt like trying out Mott's recipe. And so I did. Not bad, but didn't look as nice as the pic in her blog :P Still, hubby finished most of them. Great aphrodisiac, but that's not what I am after!!

I had my three hours of freedom yesterday, Aidan went back to Cabena occasional care and I did some grocery shopping in peace. I may just go for a manicure next week, a treat for myself. Things are getting back into pattern, and I told Wilkin about my intention of taking Aidan to a developmental paedatrician once and for all if there are no signs of improvement when Term 1 finishes. He's still echoing a lot and I feel his comprehension level isn't up to par as what a normal 3 1/2 year old would be. He can copy alright, perfect English when he watches TV, but how much does he understand , we'll have to see about that. I do feel a little upset and disappointed when I see kids his age interacting with their parents, and mine just uses more body language and wants his own ways.

Have you ever felt so tired that you feel that your body is actually calling out SOS for you to stop and just go to bed? That was what happened to me last night, on top of a headache too. I had 8 1/2 hours sleep till this morning! But wasn't a great one as I woke up with the headache.

Sorry I know I am being inconsistent here, but better say what I want to say before my brains burn out.


mott said...

OI! lemme tell u ah... it's all photography tricks leh. I piled up the prawns to make it look sexy leh! I'm sure yours tasted YUM-in-the-TUMS!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, don't worry abt Aidan ok..coz, my No.1 had huge speech delays b4 school. When he started school a year ago, he now can't stop talking...all the grammer wrong la..but nvm la..I still hv to ask him to be quiet!!!!!! HIAK HIAK HIAK!

sweetpea said...

sure yum lor. if not yum also have to finish leh. expensive wor. hubby came back looked at them, and also surprised, asked 'wah! why got prawns geh?' i said 'pay money can get lah' wat else hor?

as for aidan, still keeping my fingers crossed. thanks for the comfort, though.