Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fizzling....and home sick.

Me still have a few more projects reaching deadline, so my 'wick' burning out damn fast. Will stop to enjoy the CNY and re-charge my battery plus catch up with lost sleeps.

I don't usually miss CNY that much, but today that the Asian grocery store, it was blasting CNY songs by Ah Jeh and Chow Goon. Damn! Damn! Damn! Made me feel so homesick! I always say I don't mind not going back because of many reasons, no cheap airfares, no good food coz mostly closed and even if there is, double price, and also dishing out ang paus. Yet deep in me, I do long for the noise and with sisters trying to top each other's voice, but still no one can beat Mum's at the age of 83 and a half! Needless to say, I am the loser in that aspect, I never got their high-pitch trade.

So to comfort myself I bought a packet of sweetened water chestnut 'tong doong gua' in a festive design packet and stuffing myself crazy now. *Sniff sniff*


janicepa said...

hey do u wan me to send a piggy decorative item for you ?? just like wat my sis got ???


sweetpea said...

thanks arr... a bit too late now lor. saw one at carribean gardens, so darn ex.. not worth buying, also aidan may use it as a kite or something..