Saturday, February 10, 2007

One of those days..

No mood to blog. No mood to make money also.

Why? Donno. But right now I do have a headache. Just started when I was about to get off work. Great way to end a night. Hot day today and yet I made noodle soup. Can't reason with myself. Maybe easy to cook. Chinese says 'One pot cook (yat wok sook). Came back to see soup all gone, noodles a lot in the fridge. Hubby really choosy and fussy eater. No meat get hungry at 11pm. Cook rice or noodles, mostly don't eat. Carbohydrates. But give him egg noodles anytime, hantam habis.

Potatoes in soup, jacket potatoes, mashed potatoes, all no eat. But if make potato salad (with bacon pieces, capsicum, optional chickpeas, mayo, chives, salt and pepper), gone.

Following fellow bloggers advice, I removed Aidan's semi-nude pics in the slide. Sayang to see it go, so cute, but better be safe. Keyboard battery konk-ing out, so does mine. Blasting headache, gonna pop a couple of pills.


mott said...

eh..this wilkin is org cina atau putih? mott confue la! maaf yar!

apasal tak makan kentang? Kentang dlm sup, mash, dengan jaket..'kan best juga?

sweetpea said...

cina hongkie, but gym freak. farny one also, say rice fattening, carbo, but given delicious dishes anytime, hantam 2-3 bowls. not only u mott, i scratched head too.