Friday, February 09, 2007

Thought I was meticulous, but I wasn't...

I woke up with a dull ache all over my body, especially my chest and shoulder. And I thought, no, don't let me get sick. Then later, I kept thinking what I did yesterday, and ahah! I screwed up the brackets for the curtains in the rooms manually. Wah! Impact so big one meh? Meaning I am lacking of exercise or what? Yeah I know I haven't been the greatest sportswoman, but I do consider myself ok with all the walking at work and chasing after Aidan in the mall or parks not to mention housework too.

Am so excited about getting some sheer curtains for the living room, we went to Spotlight this morning. Aidan didn't go to school as he came back with a very runny nose after swimming yesterday and a slight fever last night. I should have known when I saw his teeth clattering and shouldn't have let him stayed in the water for too long. My poor bubba. But he was all okay this morning, only still with the runny nose though.

Bought more brackets and rods and end stops, curtains, managed to throw a new table cloth into the basket too. So pleased with myself. Came back and starting fixing the rods right away, as I asked Wilkin to leave the electric screwdriver for the weekend. Lucky I did, coz the wood in this area was much harder. It would have taken me a long time plus more body ache if done manually. And here it is..
Hmm.. why one side only?? Kakakakaka!! Coz I only bought ONE PAIR!!! How silly was that?!What was I thinking?! It's nothing fancy, but I only want something sheer to block the view from outside yet being able to admire the... ermm.... traffic. Guess I've to go back to Spotlight tomorrow and get the other pair.
Can't believe I pulled a silly mistake like that.

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