Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hard Rock or Hulk?

Watching Aidan grow day after day is such fun. Buying clothes also fun leh. This year buy during clearance sales for next year's summer clothings. Cannot meh? From $20 to $5 for a pair of Piping Hot pants wor. Still have to wear clothes next year right? Spent $17 for $70 worth, all new, feel good.

And his funny antiques, his clumsiness, his cutiness, his funny hysterical laugh when I tickle him, and the way his sings. The way his says 'Ultraman all wet' when he sees his tiny Ultraman undies hanging in the sun, and the way he helps me gardening, either by trampling all over the soil, my cute succulent plants and squashing them in the process, or taking piece by piece of the mulch and gently drop it into my neighbour's drain. Or maybe he'll decide to get wet and dunk his head into the bucket of rain water (or his ex-bath water) we save for the plants. Then perhaps he will decide to shoot his watergun directed to the clothings which are about to dry, or run happily to and fro all the large towels and huge bedsheets that seem to be a maze to him.

All of the above, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! But what I pray for him to get rid of, are the two characters:

Hard Rock - Inherited from both Ahmee and Dada. In other terms, stubborn as a mule. Nicer term, determined. VERY determined. Example: Go shopping today, went to the game centre. Had two rounds of fun throwing balls into the net. Not enough, want some more. We said no, he ran back. We said no, he stayed put. We said no, enough for one day, tried pulling him away, he held on tight to machine. We said no, he sat down, releasing all energy on his weight. Had difficulty carrying him as he was heavy and straight as a rod! Cute eh? Eh?

Hulk - Self taught. He wanted to watch Little People on video. Me at pc, I said wait. He pulled on the arm of the chair. I said wait. Went on about a couple of times. He pulled some more, with sound effect 'Errrgghhhh...!!!' showing teeth and hardened neck. Strong pun! I had to play a little tug of war here. Still cute? Ahdoi..!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hahaaha...he is cute. Hey, from the photos in your earlier posts, I notice he looks like you when he smiles :D Going for another baby or not??

sweetpea said...

one enough to drain my energy for 10 years. wat do u reckon? also reaching the FOUR ZERO mark soon, no thanks ler. pregnancy wasn't fun for me, all i had was vomits, stomach muscle separation, mastitis, 2nd degree tear... too much info i know, hehe.

mika's mummy said...

Sounds like he's hvg so much fun in the backyard. it's so nice of u to let him do whatever he wet the clothes on the dryline...for me I'll be screaming n yelling lor!! have to 'chap sou mei'! guess life downunder is not so stressful hor??

sweetpea said...

i try to be as laidback as i can, afterall, why stress over it? masuk kandang kambing mengembik marr.. 1/2 lazy ozzie lor. if u had seen him sampling the soil or licking the cement, i think u may faint big time. big 'kuan' (germ) eat small kuan, small kuan treat as 'bou ban'..kekeke.