Monday, February 05, 2007

Aidan's first day at Wayburne

Taken a little blur and in a hurry, my Aidan goes to pre-school today!

Wilkin is home today, took a day off just because. Still has about 3 weeks' leave. And coincidentally Aidan's first day to 'school'. He even gelled up the little tot's hair, looked so cool. Aidan was touching it every second, new to him, and before I can take a pic, it's all gone.

It was only an intro class today. One hour. Huh? Yah, me also blur. Imagine those living further, the mum will have to sit outside and wait rather than going home. Yes, only one hour for the first two weeks for the kids to familiarize themselves. And quite strict with food, only two pieces of fruits allowed and water. No juice, no yoghurt, no biscuits. You know our little friend doesn't eat fruits. I guess it's a good time for him to start seeing other kids enjoying it and try it himself, fingers crossed. Although picky, at least I still eat some.

Gotta go. Wilkin home means I've got no peace in front of the pc. Got pressure leh, like he's got nothing to do. Cannot do anything outside today, freaking 38 degree Celsius! Might as well get ready early for work.


IMMomsDaughter said...

Aidan looks so cute, can imagine is hair standing up with gel. Lol. Just curious, why is the school so strict on the food?

mott said...

Awwwww...what a cutie!!! musta have been sooooo proud!

But they r quite strict eh? No bikkies...My No.1 is the same... won't eat fruits on his own..ah well!

sweetpea said...

some are ok, and mostly we can't bring anything with nuts, or peanut butter sandwich coz usually high rate of allergies here. but with the yoghurt and bikkies i guess they want to be on the safe side for those who may be lactose intolerance and some bikkies may have nuts contents or colourings the children may be allergic too. ya i know, funny how kids here are more prone to allergies. maybe parents are too strict with the hygiene or wat, i donno.

and most tuckshops in schools now are not allowed to sell softdrinks becoz of the high obesity rate in children. unbelievable isn't it? we didn't have that problem!

Lovely Mummy said...

your son so sweet and leng chai leh...em, when my son will go to pre-school? Have to wait for another 2 years...:P

sweetpea said...

sweet to most people's eyes, but can be a tiny little devil in disguise!

mott said...

wow..didn't think abt all that. Kids r kids..n love to try all their lil fren's food eh? My No.1 is forever bringing back stuff "given" by his frens. Luckily he's so picky wid his food..he doesn't even want to eat them!