Sunday, February 18, 2007

PayPerPost keeps the money rolling

This is really good. PayPerPost has come up with this great money earning program that keeps the cash rolling in even when I am not blogging. What's more? When YOU click on the cute little banner below and blog on this blog, you get paid too!

An excellent way to increase blog traffic for all bloggers. A win-win situation, I can never praise enough! Here we are, mummy bloggers, daddy bloggers, sitting at home, clicking on the keyboard ANYWAYS....I don't see why we can't do the thing we are doing and boost our income at the same time. Although so far I haven't earned much, just because I chose not to do so many sponsored posts, it's substanstial enough for me to see PayPerPost is a great solution to my monthly payment for Foxtel subscription, and lots more balance, if I decide to pull up the three full posts per day. Maybe a pair of new diamond studs for my next reward? Hey, that is not impossible!

The choice is entirely yours. It's not too late to start, you can get a piece of the action right now! See the charming blue and green banner below? Just click on that! With endless opportunities to choose from, that keeps adding up each day, there is bound to be something you can blog on.

I suggest you start now so you'll get your sub-income (or main?!!) quicker. Don't thank me when you find it addictive and get the money, just send half to me! : D Muahahaha!

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